Get Thousands of Dollars of Extra Work With Online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising!

It is now possible for you to get thousands of dollars of extra work at a very reasonable price with ppc advertising. And because ppc advertising is completely measurable -- you can now know exactly what you're paying.

We have been doing website marketing for 19 years. We have been doing ppc advertising for ten of those years and have worked on 175+ ppc campaigns. This advanced level of expertise allows us to generate EXCLUSIVE business leads for you at a cost of $20.00 to $50.00 per lead.

The reason we can get you business leads at such a reasonable price is because, unlike most pay-per-click companies, we don't just give you a good ppc campaign -- we also give you an effective "landing page" that visitors respond to. When more visitors respond to your landing page, the number of leads you receive for your money increases.

Having the right "landing page" for ppc visitors to see and respond to can mean the difference between 1%-2% of your visitors contacting you and 8%-12% of them doing so. It is important for you to know that your website homepage is normally not considered your "landing page".

How does it all start?

We normally begin constructing your ppc campaign by first doing keyword research. Pay-per-click is governed by the 90/10 rule, which means that 90% of available keywords will do nothing for you. This means you have to find the 10% that do.

We find your keywords by historically analyzing the existing ppc campaigns of your business competitors to see which keywords they continue to use month-after-month and which keywords they drop. Once we have this list, we then add these keywords to your pay-per-click campaign.

Our next focus is on creating the ads that will appear when people are searching for your services. The ads must be compelling and relevant enough to make people click on them.

After your keywords have been identified and your campaign ads created, we now have to create a page that ppc visitors can arrive at that will convince them to contact you. This is what was referred to earlier as a "landing page".

Constructing Your Pay-Per-Click Landing Page

Your landing page should look similar to a website page but without navigation. The idea is to get visitors to this page, avoid the distractions that navigation creates, keep the visitor’s attention and get them to take a desired action. This "desired action" is normally to contact you.

The better your landing page, the better the chances that ppc visitors who arrive at your page will contact you. The higher the percentage of people that contact you, the lower the cost of your leads will be.

Our Simple 5-Step Process to Creating a Highly-Successful
PPC Campaign

  1. We discuss your business with you.
  2. We determine how many keywords your ppc campaign will contain and your estimated monthly advertising budget.
  3. We analyze your competitors’ ppc campaigns to discover the 10% of the keywords that historically produce the best results.
  4. We construct your pay-per-click campaign.
  5. We create a landing page.
  6. We take your ppc advertising campaign "live".

The entire process of creating your pay-per-click campaign and bringing it "live" can be completed within 10 days where urgency is required. After your campaign has been running a while, we will periodically adjust it based on results or trends we see.

Fill out a free quote request and receive free information on how to get thousands of dollars of extra business with pay-per-click advertising!

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